Short And Sane: April is the Cruellest Month…..

Check in, fellow grad students. It’s the end of the term: Who else feels like this right now?



Yeah, the end of the term is a little crazy. Whatever you do, don’t forget to indulge yourself a little in the midst of the writing/grading vortex. I recommend the following, in no particular order:


ImageBecause, Ice Cream.


ImageAgain…. because, ice cream.


ImageBecause when it comes to wine, two glasses is always better than one…..


ImageBecause you can have your bath and drink wine, too!

And, when all else fails and you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, just remember it could always be worse:


You could live in Westeros.


About Melissa Ridley Elmes

Professor and writer; Unrepentant nerd; chaotic good. Author of Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems. PhD, MFA. She/hers. Views my own.
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