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Writing an abstract for a conference paper

You have no control ultimately over whether or not your abstract is accepted, and if it isn’t, usually there was nothing you could do to alter that outcome–either your paper didn’t fit the session or conference well enough, or it didn’t fit as well with the other papers submitted for the panel, or the other submissions were from big-name scholars who promise to draw a crowd, or any of a half-dozen other reasons. There are, however, a few things you can do to ensure your abstract is competitive. Continue reading

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Dissertating: Five Fast Ways To Get Five Hundred Words Drafted

The question of course is, how do you get started back into a major writing project after you have taken some time off (whether planned or unplanned)? For me–and hopefully, for some of you, since I’m giving advice about how to do it–the best answer is a pool metaphor: if you know the water’s cold, and you know you’re going to get water up your nose, just jump feet-first into the deep end and get it over with fast. Because, once you’re actually in the pool and the initial shock of the cold and the initial burst of water up your nose is over with, the swimming is deliciously wonderful, right? So, for me, is working on my dissertation–once I’m back into it. It’s the initial re-entry that’s hardest. Continue reading

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