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The Week In Review, February 22-28, 2016

It’s definitely been a busy month. Here’s one week as an example…. Research Reviewing for my dissertation defense on March 1. Total research time: 4 hours Writing An hour of revisions to an article in progress, and an abstract for … Continue reading

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They Didn’t READ! What to do with unprepared students (besides just kicking them out and canceling class)

There is nothing less fun than being in a classroom with unprepared students, but the reality is that it is going to happen. When you are prepared for this possibility, you have the means to avoid unpleasant confrontations with students, and the ability to make sure your class can still be successful in meeting the goals you have set for it. Continue reading

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I made it five days….. ish. (What it’s like after you’ve turned in the dissertation….)

By Thursday night, I had Googled and determined that my sinus infection was, in fact, five different potentially deadly maladies. I started reading lifestyle blogs for ideas on how to construct a completely different, post-dissertation life. I worried aloud about the job market, about health insurance, about travel accommodations for a conference, and about the future more broadly. After two hours, my husband BEGGED me to take on another major project–any major project–because I absolutely suck at having nothing to do. Continue reading

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The Week In Review: February 1-7, 2016

I skipped the Weeks in Review posts for the last two weeks in January because first, I was slammed finishing up my dissertation and second, we were all slammed here in North Carolina with a major winter storm that resulted … Continue reading

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