When Scholars Move: A 5-Photograph Visual Essay

Scholars moving have books. Lots of books.

books 1

Here are thirty boxes of books.

books 2

Here are thirty-two boxes of books.

books 3

Here are fifteen quite large boxes of books.

books 4

There are forty-six boxes of books in this room.

books 5

And thirty-one more in this room.

There are also twenty-eight boxes of books in the hallway and hall closet. That makes 162 boxes of books, not including the three boxes already in the trunk of my car, which came from my office cubicle. It’s almost certain that if it were not for the books, we could move in a single day. I did part with fifty books, though, which I think is pretty good. The end.


About Melissa Ridley Elmes

I am a medievalist, wife and mother of two who spends her days researching, writing, teaching, painting, singing, dancing, acting and trying to find more hours in a day.
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One Response to When Scholars Move: A 5-Photograph Visual Essay

  1. Jaleta Clegg says:

    We recently moved, and yes, books were a major part of our move. I wouldn’t part with most of the collection. There is something soothing in having physical books. Ebooks are great, but they just aren’t real books.

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