Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems, now available!

I am thrilled to announce that Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems is now available!

Here’s what it looks like:

Arthurian Things cover

You can buy it here (Preferred, support independent publishers!):

and here:


and here:

Barnes and Noble:

And read and post reviews and participate in discussions of it on Goodreads:

Or Tweet what you think/ your favorite poems and lines to me: @MRidleyElmes

Okay, it’s published! Now what?

Well, “now what” is, in large part, up to readers (hopefully, that’s you!)

Like all authors working through small and independent publishers (this book was published by Dark Myth Publications, an independent press) my book’s success will depend on audience reception. The more positive Amazon and Goodreads reviews it receives, and the more exposure through social media posts and sharing, the more likely it will be read by more folks. And the more folks who buy and read and review it, the more possible it will be for me to attract agents and publishers to publish more of my work!

So, if you are of a mind to be generous, I would be grateful for any and all support and signal-boosting: buy a copy (less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee!) share links to the Myth Mart, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble listings, write reviews for Amazon and/or Goodreads, recommend it to people you think might like to read it . . . Whatever you are moved to do by way of helping me get the word out and the book read will be most appreciated. A moment of your time devoted to sharing a link and writing a review really can make a huge difference to me as an author in today’s marketplace. ❤

In the coming weeks, I will be blogging about the experience of seeing the book to publication, about the artist who did the cover design, and about the book’s reception. What else would you like me to discuss?


About Melissa Ridley Elmes

Professor and writer; Unrepentant nerd; chaotic good. Author of Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems. PhD, MFA. She/hers. Views my own.
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