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Writing a Book Review (Or: What the Book Review Genre *Is* and–More Importantly–What it is *Not*)

For many early-stage career scholars, especially graduate students, book reviews are among the earliest publication opportunities presented–and if we are being honest, as with teaching Freshman Composition and other introductory-level courses, this practice is probably deeply backwards because in both … Continue reading

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Teaching an online class for the first time: things to consider

I am by no means an expert in distance/online education, and I would never claim to be one. But after having taught my second online course in two different university settings this past June, I do have a couple of … Continue reading

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2016 End-of-the-Year Wrap-Up

Professors–particularly professors who are contingent (non-permanent and adjunct faculty). permanent but not tenured, and tenure-track but not tenured–are regularly asked to perform acts of self-assessment, filling out performance evaluations, maintaining an updated CV, and responding to our supervisors’ assessment of … Continue reading

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5 Things No One Can Prepare You For Once You’re In A Faculty Appointment For The First Time

  1. All. The. Emails. Truly, while I was thinking about being a full-time professor with a full-time workload, I was thinking about all of the papers, and the meetings, and the paperwork, and the meetings, and the class preps, … Continue reading

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The View From My Desk: Week Two Of Classes

Hello to you! Today marks the second half of the second week of the term here at Lindenwood, and I’d like to welcome you to the chaos; everything from planningĀ and preparing for what we’re doing in fiveĀ different classes at three … Continue reading

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New Places, New Spaces, New Faces: The First Week of a Newly-Appointed Assistant Professor of English and Medieval Literature

After a busy summer of traveling and sorting out logistics, I have relocated from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by way of Leeds, UK (for the International Medieval Congress) and Kent, Ohio (for the National Endowment for the Humanities seminar on Chaucer’s … Continue reading

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