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Writing Through Lacunae: Generative Erasures, Medieval Multiverses

By actively turning attention to the erasures and lacunae left on, in, and by my subjects of study … allowing myself along the way to think and write deeply into them… I am continuously learning, re-learning, and helping my students and readers to learn, how to engage with my work.
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A Brace of (Virtual) Presentations This Week: Celtic Studies and Poetry!

Hello there! Just a quick pitch for two upcoming events this week in which I am delighted to be participating: First, on Tuesday, April 19, from 3-4 p.m. CST, a roundtable on “Teaching Celtic Languages Without a Celtic Program” sponsored … Continue reading

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A few brief updates: teaching, publications, a reading, and a corgi in the snow!

Hello All! January was one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it months. We’re back in session for the spring term, and I’m teaching some of my favorite things–History of the English Language, the Medieval Literature seminar, the senior capstone in English, and a … Continue reading

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Teaching essay: “The Chaucerian Miscellany” now available at Once and Future Classroom

I’m thrilled to share that the pedagogy article describing my Chaucerian Miscellany assignment that won the 2020 Teaching Association for Medieval Studies award is now published in Once and Future Classroom 17.1 (Spring 2021)! This assignment was designed to help … Continue reading

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If you’ve never taught online before but now have to with almost no prep time, here are a couple of big things to keep in mind that will make it easier on you and your students.

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, universities are moving to online remote instruction and professors are being asked to move on-the-ground classes designed for face-to-face delivery online, sometimes with as little as a day’s notice, most often with a week or … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Covid-19 and transitioning on-the-ground to online courses under emergency conditions

A lot of higher education institutions are moving either temporarily or for the semester to online learning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is, naturally, causing a lot of stress and anxiety, which is (of course!) a totally valid … Continue reading

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My Syllabus Preparation Hacks

We’re gearing up for the Spring semester here, and that means turning our attention to writing syllabi. I have always loved the creation process for courses, thinking into what skills and content I want my students to walk away with. … Continue reading

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To the Introvert, on the First Day of Teaching

I have been teaching in various educational settings since 1997–that’s 21 years of face-to-face classroom experience–and one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how hard it still is for me, as an introvert, to get up in front … Continue reading

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Five Easy(ish) Ways To Be More Productive In Your Scholarship With Less Time In Your Schedule

Let me lay all of my cards on the table from the start: I taught for ten years at a year-round private boarding school where I was responsible for developing and implementing the curriculum for three programs (French, English, and … Continue reading

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How To Succeed In Academia By Really, Truly Trying: Advice from Professors, for Students

This past Fall, I found that many more of my students than is usually the case were struggling–struggling with work/life balance, struggling with extra-academic issues affecting their work, struggling to keep up with their coursework, struggling to pay attention in … Continue reading

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