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Microfiction “Crossing the Threshold” up at A Story in 100 Words

Hello World, and hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to you today from the confines of what professors sometimes jokingly, sometimes despairingly call “grading jail,” that period of time between the end of the academic semester and the due date … Continue reading

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New work in Eye to the Telescope, In Parentheses

Hello, All, I’m delighted to share that my poem, “The Sea Shares Her Origin Story” found a home in Eye to the Telescope 42, an issue devoted entirely to the sea and edited by Akua Lezli Hope. It’s an honor … Continue reading

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Chipping away at dreams . . .

It’s finally official–the bio has been added to the roster, and I’m thrilled to be able to share that I am a Star*Line Magazine poet! You can read “Riding Down a Dream” in issue 44.4, available now! This was … Continue reading

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Short story published on Fox Paw Literary Blog

Hello, all, and happy weekend! If you, like us, are enjoying a cool and rainy Saturday, and you, like me, enjoy nothing more than reading something short and not too intellectually taxing or requiring too much concentration on a cool … Continue reading

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My first craft essay

Hello all! One of the first questions people ask you as a writer is “where do you get your ideas from?” or, “How do you come up with things to write?” or, “How do you write/ what’s your writing process?” … Continue reading

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“Green” now published in In Parentheses 7.1

Just a brief update to share that I’m delighted my prose poem “Green” has been published in In Parentheses 7.1 (Summer 2021) and is available for anyone who would like to read it here:…/contributor-list-in…/ You’ll find the Green Man, … Continue reading

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Thinking, Scribbling, Sharing

Hello, All! I hope your corner of the world is pleasant and that you are safe, happy, and engaged in some activity that brings you joy. I have been busily thinking, scribbling, and submitting things for publication. Some of the … Continue reading

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A Lesson Learned

The only truly enduring aspects of my life, the only through lines linking my earliest childhood memories to the present moment, have been curiosity–a drive to know, to ask Why? Yes, why? But why? What now? what comes next? and find the answers–and a burning urge, a need, to write, to make, to create. Continue reading

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I don’t know who needs to read this, but.

I’ve been seeing a lot of graduate students and early career researchers and new writers bemoaning their inability to focus, concentrate, or get much or any work done right now. You know who else I am seeing these comments from? … Continue reading

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Pandemic Poem #36

(Reading tip: if you are reading this on your phone screen, turning the screen sideways will result in a correct placement of each line; otherwise, they are broken up in unusual and not especially poetic fashion.)   Empty Agenda Remember … Continue reading

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