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The Month In Review: May 2016 (Or, “Let’s play an impossible game of catch up, shall we?”)

The title of the post says it all–I’ve well over a month’s worth of material to cover, so I’ll just dive right in and here it is: May 2016, redux. May 2016 was spectacularly, almost overwhelmingly chock-full of busy. On … Continue reading

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Teaching: Managing End-Of-Term Stress

Here we are, most of us, at the end of the spring term. For those of us who are teaching as well as finishing up our own reponsibilities as students, things probably seem pretty dicey right about now–papers to write; … Continue reading

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The Week In Review, April 11-17, 2016

Research Read two chapters of the next book I’m reviewing. Scanned and made PDFs of chapters from Andrew Cowell’s The Medieval Warrior Aristocracy which I used in my dissertation. Scanned and made PDFs of chapters from Emotions in Medieval Arthurian … Continue reading


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The Dissertation Defense

Hello, All. It’s been a while since my last update or post; no excuses or apologies, its just the nature of the Spring term. As a professor I deeply admire told me once during a conversation about being overwhelmed, “At … Continue reading

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They Didn’t READ! What to do with unprepared students (besides just kicking them out and canceling class)

There is nothing less fun than being in a classroom with unprepared students, but the reality is that it is going to happen. When you are prepared for this possibility, you have the means to avoid unpleasant confrontations with students, and the ability to make sure your class can still be successful in meeting the goals you have set for it. Continue reading

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I made it five days….. ish. (What it’s like after you’ve turned in the dissertation….)

By Thursday night, I had Googled and determined that my sinus infection was, in fact, five different potentially deadly maladies. I started reading lifestyle blogs for ideas on how to construct a completely different, post-dissertation life. I worried aloud about the job market, about health insurance, about travel accommodations for a conference, and about the future more broadly. After two hours, my husband BEGGED me to take on another major project–any major project–because I absolutely suck at having nothing to do. Continue reading

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So, You’re Developing Your First Solo Class: A Brief Guide To College Course Levels

If you have never taught before, or have been a teaching assistant for a course but not Instructor of Record, the idea of developing your own syllabus can be a daunting one. What should you teach? How should you teach … Continue reading

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Managing Job Market Anxiety

The Fall Term has ended; I’ve graded all of my students’ final portfolios and examinations, posted their grades, and sent them well-wishes as they head into their vacation period; and now, there’s nothing left for me to do for the … Continue reading

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Things To Consider Before Taking an “Incomplete” in Graduate School

I belong to an online forum that comprises a variety of educators at every step of the game, from veteran tenured professors to new graduate teaching assistants. Recently, the discussion turned to the question of taking incompletes in graduate classes, … Continue reading

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The Week in Review, November 9-15, 2015

Research Thomas Ohlgren and Lister Matheson, Early Rymes of Robyn Hood (ACMRS 2013) Thomas Ohlgren and Stephen Knight, Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales (TEAMS 2000) Rosemary Horrox and W. Mark Ormrod, A Social History of England, 1200-1500 (Cambridge 2006) … Continue reading

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