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Teaching: Managing End-Of-Term Stress

Here we are, most of us, at the end of the spring term. For those of us who are teaching as well as finishing up our own reponsibilities as students, things probably seem pretty dicey right about now–papers to write; … Continue reading

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The Week In Review, April 4-10, 2016

April is a month in which scholars teaching at colleges and universities are really just putting one foot in front of the other, head down, struggling to pass through the gale-force winds more or less mentally and emotionally intact. It … Continue reading

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They Didn’t READ! What to do with unprepared students (besides just kicking them out and canceling class)

There is nothing less fun than being in a classroom with unprepared students, but the reality is that it is going to happen. When you are prepared for this possibility, you have the means to avoid unpleasant confrontations with students, and the ability to make sure your class can still be successful in meeting the goals you have set for it. Continue reading

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So, You’re Developing Your First Solo Class: A Brief Guide To College Course Levels

If you have never taught before, or have been a teaching assistant for a course but not Instructor of Record, the idea of developing your own syllabus can be a daunting one. What should you teach? How should you teach … Continue reading

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Managing Job Market Anxiety

The Fall Term has ended; I’ve graded all of my students’ final portfolios and examinations, posted their grades, and sent them well-wishes as they head into their vacation period; and now, there’s nothing left for me to do for the … Continue reading

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Participating in NaNoWriMo: A Stepping-Stone to Success in Graduate School?

If you are thinking about (or have already embarked upon) a graduate degree, then you know that at the end of the degree you must produce a rather lengthy document (on average, between 40-80 pages for an MA thesis and … Continue reading

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A Sample Instructional Unit Design: Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

One of the things graduate students and those new to teaching often struggle with is how to articulate a text beyond discipline-specific approaches in order to reach a broader audience in the classroom. This, however, is a crucial skill to … Continue reading

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The Week In Review: August 17-23, 2015

Now that the academic term has begun at my university, it is time to reinstall the “Week in Review” feature–the weekly roundup of my teaching, researching, service, and self-care efforts that serves in many ways as the backbone of this … Continue reading

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Dress to Impress: You, The (Pre-Professional) Graduate [Teaching Assistant] Student

It’s understandable that, being classified as a “graduate student,” it’s sometimes difficult to view yourself also as a professional, but this is the shift you need to learn how to make during your time in graduate school. As a graduate student you are, of course, still a student, but you are a student actively engaged in becoming a professional; in fact, it might be helpful to consider yourself an apprentice in your field of study, rather than a student. The most visible outward sign that you have successfully navigated this shift lies in your sartorial choices. So today, I’m going to talk wardrobe with you. Continue reading

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Countdown to Fall Term: 5 Things Returning TAs should be thinking about right now

Even though the summer isn’t quite over, if you are a returning graduate student with a teaching assignment, here are five things you should be thinking about right now and not, say, the weekend before classes start! Handling these items now will help streamline your return to the classroom and keep the beginning of the term from being a mad rush. Continue reading

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