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Writing Through Lacunae: Generative Erasures, Medieval Multiverses

By actively turning attention to the erasures and lacunae left on, in, and by my subjects of study … allowing myself along the way to think and write deeply into them… I am continuously learning, re-learning, and helping my students and readers to learn, how to engage with my work.
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Another Sneak Peak of “Arthurian Things!”

Just one more sneak peek before my first book of poetry, Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems, is available from Dark Myth productions next week!  I can’t wait to share this book with readers. This poem remarks upon a correlation … Continue reading

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A Long Overdue Update ….

Hello, Blogosphere! I’d apologize for not writing more and swear I’ll do better going forward, but I think we all know that’s just telling lies to make myself feel better so I shan’t bother with those niceties, but rather, dive … Continue reading

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A Poetic Interlude ….

Hello, All! The sun’s out, the extremely loud and discourteous upstairs neighbors have finally moved out, and Wales beat England yesterday morning in the men’s Six Nations tourney AND I got to see Sutton Foster in concert with the Saint … Continue reading

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The Writing Life …

Many academics (myself, included) write both nonfiction (generally in the form of scholarly articles requiring research) and also fiction, poetry, and other creative works (that may still require research, but not necessarily ready access to the sources being used.) I … Continue reading

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Hwaet! Welcome to My Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog about All Things Academia. I’d start at the beginning, but we’d be here for a long, long time since I knew in 3rd grade that I would be a teacher. Actually, I started tutoring … Continue reading

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