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The Dissertation Defense

Hello, All. It’s been a while since my last update or post; no excuses or apologies, its just the nature of the Spring term. As a professor I deeply admire told me once during a conversation about being overwhelmed, “At … Continue reading

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I made it five days….. ish. (What it’s like after you’ve turned in the dissertation….)

By Thursday night, I had Googled and determined that my sinus infection was, in fact, five different potentially deadly maladies. I started reading lifestyle blogs for ideas on how to construct a completely different, post-dissertation life. I worried aloud about the job market, about health insurance, about travel accommodations for a conference, and about the future more broadly. After two hours, my husband BEGGED me to take on another major project–any major project–because I absolutely suck at having nothing to do. Continue reading

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What It Takes: Revising the Dissertation

Some of you who haven’t yet gotten to the writing and revising portion of the thesis or dissertation might appreciate the heads-up: revisions will take way longer than you think. In fact, we would all benefit from referring to it … Continue reading

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A Milestone Moment!

Yesterday, around 10:30 in the morning, I hit “send” on the draft of my fourth and final dissertation chapter. That felt really good…. until I remembered that everything now goes through several rounds of revision towards the final product, due … Continue reading

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Negotiating a Writing Rut: Some Runner’s Wisdom, Repurposed

I am a runner. I ran track in high school, and caught the bug. I’m not the fastest, or the best, runner on the roads and trails, but I have faithfully logged my 10-30 miles per week for most of my adult life, and run and even won a number of 5Ks and 10ks; my half-marathon PR so far is 2:07.

Why bother telling you that? Well, because I first realized the power of the rut to silently derail me from attaining my goals not as a writer, but as a runner. Continue reading

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Dissertating: Five Fast Ways To Get Five Hundred Words Drafted

The question of course is, how do you get started back into a major writing project after you have taken some time off (whether planned or unplanned)? For me–and hopefully, for some of you, since I’m giving advice about how to do it–the best answer is a pool metaphor: if you know the water’s cold, and you know you’re going to get water up your nose, just jump feet-first into the deep end and get it over with fast. Because, once you’re actually in the pool and the initial shock of the cold and the initial burst of water up your nose is over with, the swimming is deliciously wonderful, right? So, for me, is working on my dissertation–once I’m back into it. It’s the initial re-entry that’s hardest. Continue reading

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Dissertating and the Academic Term (Or, Caution: Slow-Moving Dissertation Ahead)

ABD. For those of us who are hell-bent on the path to the PhD, perhaps the only more thrilling moment is the one when your dissertation committee chair reaches across the table, shakes your hand, and says, “Congratulations, Doctor Professor” … Continue reading

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The Week In Review, March 9-15 2015 (Or, “You Call That a Spring Break?!”)

So, this week was our university’s spring break, which in teaching assistant terms when you are the instructor-of-record for your courses means, “the seven days you’ve got to catch up on all of the things you haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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From 65 to (Seemingly) 0 to 65 MPH: (Re) Defining Productivity, The Dissertation Year(s)

I am currently experiencing a phenomenon that I was warned about by friends who are farther along in their degrees that I am or who have finished their degrees, but never really believed could happen to me: I am doing … Continue reading

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